The E-commerce stats tab only works if the purchase was made thru a MailerLite email.The e-commerce campaign from which was the purchase made should have the ‘use ecommerce link tracking’ enabled. If it wasn’t it would not work.The e-commerce tab only aims to track the email revenue. It’s hard to figure out whether the purchase was made from the email or not so the way it works is as follows:When a subscriber clicks a link to the shop from any of the newsletters sent, it adds a cookie in their browser which tracks if any purchases were made in the next 30 days. So the e-commerce tab only registers the purchase if it was made on the same browser within 30 days of the last click to the shop from the email.In this case, I can see that you haven’t sent any emails yet. So the purchase was made independently – as such, the e-commerce tab will not register the purchase.